Vision 2025
Learn the Facts

On August 15, 2014 in an email  to Tom Funciello, Witold Skwierczynski wrote:

 I find it interesting that SSA is spending a lot of money sending management officials around the country trying to get employee buy in on Vision 2025.  This road show was not discussed with AFGE in Forums and is management's unilateral effort to indoctrinate employees in this plan to destroy SSA.  I thought that the Commissioner rejected the NAPA Vision 2025 plan.  I guess her staff didn't get the message.

In addition to spending money, management representatives are engaged in questionable sales practices in their Vision 2025 sell job.  Four Headquarters employees traveled to Seattle this week to try to sell the vision 2025 mantra.   Karl Tomak told Seattle region employees this week that he's opposed to paying more taxes, implying that maintaining a field office community based structure will adversely affect his taxes.  Why Mr. Tomak as a high graded federal employee in the top 10% of the country's wage earners fell overtaxed I do not know?  What I do know is that his anti-tax message is entirely inappropriate.  Please explain why SSA officials are being sent around the country to speak to employees about taxes.  Maybe Mr. Tomak needs instruction in the fact that the SSA trust fund that pays for his high salary is running a surplus and that SSA administrative expenses are not responsible for his tax problem.

In addition, SSA's road show touting Vision 2025 features a video of anti-union zealot Sam Walton uttering insipid comments about his "legendary service".  Walmart has been found guilty of unfair labor practices, numerous discrimination complaints and thousands of wage and hour violations.  Why is SSA touting a Walmart vision of the future?  Walmart destroys the US economy by selling foreign made products produced in 3rd world sweatshops and has succeeded in destroying the small businesses in the communities where they sell these foreign products.  Why is SSA quoting such anti-labor, right win zealots in its efforts to sell Vision 2025?  Is this the office of Strategic Planning SSA of the future?  Walmart?

In addition to praising Walmart, the road show video touts video service delivery, kiosks, virtual service, click and chat, artificial intelligence and expert systems.  These are all out of the NAPA Vision 2025 playbook.  Didn't Acting Commissioner Colvin reject that report on Wednesday?  If so, why is SSA selling these tools to radically transform SSA to an Agency where virtual service channels are the primary means of service delivery or Vision Element 1 of the NAPA report? 

Darlynda Bogle, Deputy Chief Strategic Officer, told SSA employees in the Auburn Teleservice Center this week that senior managers did not vote in endorsing the 27 Vision elements in the NAPA plan.  That is blatantly false since Appendix F of the NAPA report states that each of the 27 Vision elements was approved by 80% or more of SSA executives in a voting procedure.  No one from SSA management denied this fact at Wednesday's Forum meeting. Why is Ms.Bogle not telling the employee's the truth and what are you going to do about it?

Both Ms. Bogle and Seattle RC Friendship deny voting on anything.  Since Appendix C of the NAPA report list them as executive participants along with Mr. Tomak, it raises the question of whether they are telling the truth.  Please supply the list of 59 executives who attended the March 10, 2014 day long Vision Building Workshop where the voting was conducted.  Transparency requires it.

Please let the Union know whether SSA will continue to use Sam Walton quotes in their Vision 2025 sales campaign and what you will do about the tax message, the false statements regarding executive voting and the video that appears to endorse the NAPA recommendations.

Again, please provide a list of management officials and their itineraries in the SSA Vision 2025 road show.

Witold Skwierczynski